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2016 Kusam Klimb Photos

Well the 2016 Kusam Klimb Photos are finally all uploaded and available for review.

We both had a great day up the trail and at the start-finish line, as always we met some fantastic people and it was great to see some new faces, it really amazes us how many people sign up and complete the Klimb. One guy described the event as the "Gruesome Kusum", but he did have a smile on his face!

I did plan on going up to Keta View Rock this year, but on Monday I found it was a bit too far to carry camera gear and a days supplies and be there before the first Klimbers, I would have needed to set off at about 3:30am, maybe I need to get a little fitter, but I do hope to take the photos at Keta View Rock one year, even if I need to camp overnight.

Please accept my apologies for the small size of the images, when I originally set up this site the internet access was very limited and slow, things have improved a bit now so I will look into improving the image views so it will be easier to find your image. If you really struggle to find your image please ask and I'll do my best to help.

Thank you for supporting such a great event.



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