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2015 Kusam Klimb

Another fantastic day on the mountain! Incredible weather and some amazing results. I know a few didn't make it back to the finish line, but most made it over the summit, that's an amazing feat, well done to all Klimbers.

I finally managed to do the Klimb this year, not a fantastic time, but an enjoyable challenge, now I know what you all go through. :-)

The photos are all uploaded now, check the 2015 Galleries from the link above.

Because I was doing the Klimb this year Joyce Ellis kindly stepped in to take some photos on the trail going up while you enjoyed the music played by Mary-Ann. A huge Thank-You to Joyce for the help this year.

A special Thank-you to my wife Angie for doing such a great job of the Start and Finish photos, it's a really long day for her and I really appreciate her support and I'm sure you'll enjoy the photographs.

Almost ready for the next Klimb!!!


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