2016 Kusam Klimb Photos

Well the 2016 Kusam Klimb Photos are finally all uploaded and available for review.

We both had a great day up the trail and at the start-finish line, as always we met some fantastic people and it was great to see some new faces, it really amazes us how many people sign up and complete the Klimb. One guy described the event as the "Gruesome Kusum", but he did have a smile on his face!

I did plan on going up to Keta View Rock this year, but on Monday I found it was a bit too far to carry camera gear and a days supplies and be there before the first Klimbers, I would have needed to set off at about 3:30am, maybe I need to get a little fitter, but I do hope to take the photos at Keta View Rock one year, even if I need to camp overnight.

Please accept my apologies for the small size of the images, when I originally set up this site the internet access was very limited and slow, things have improved a bit now so I will look into improving the image views so it will be easier to find your image…

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2015 Kusam Klimb

Another fantastic day on the mountain! Incredible weather and some amazing results. I know a few didn't make it back to the finish line, but most made it over the summit, that's an amazing feat, well done to all Klimbers.

I finally managed to do the Klimb this year, not a fantastic time, but an enjoyable challenge, now I know what you all go through. :-)

The photos are all uploaded now, check the 2015 Galleries from the link above.

Because I was doing the Klimb this year Joyce Ellis kindly stepped in to take some photos on the trail going up while you enjoyed the music played by Mary-Ann. A huge Thank-You to Joyce for the help this year.

A special Thank-you to my wife Angie for doing such a great job of the Start and Finish photos, it's a really long day for her and I really appreciate her support and I'm sure you'll enjoy the photographs.

Almost ready for the next Klimb!!!

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2014 Kusam Klimb Photos

Wow! What a fantastic day!

A record time again and much better conditions for everyone on the Klimb. I was pleased to see so many smiling faces at the Racoon Bridge.

After a really busy day with Fire and Ambulance I eventually managed to get all the photos uploaded to the galleries. Apologies for the delays, but now they are all ready for viewing, please be patient, there are more photos than previous years so the galleries may take a while to load in slow internet areas.

If you experience problems viewing the galleries on Windows,please check the instructions in the Help page.



2013 Kusam Klimb Photos

After an eventful weekend the photos are now uploaded to our Galleries.

The day at Checkpoint 2 started off wrong after a bad fall going up the trail where I broke the lens I was planning to use, fortunately I had another that survived!

Due to the fall, sadly I missed the first few runners at the top, sincere apologies if you were one of them, I'm sure we will have a shot of you at the finish line though. Note to self, must try harder next year!

Please be patient while the pages load, there are a lot of images on each gallery.

Please use the contact form (under the 'About' menu) if you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting Adventures By Camera.

Paul & Angie

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2012 Kusam Klimb Photos

Thank you for visiting Adventures By Camera.

The Photographs from the 2012 Kusam Klimb are now uploaded to our Galleries.

There's a small selection from the start of the race, then photos of most people from Check Point 2/3, plus a shot of just about everyone at the Finish Line including the all important timer.

Please be patient while the page loads, there are a lot of images on each gallery.

Please use the contact form (under the 'About' menu) if you have any questions.

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